Le Fougassais

A restaurant in the heart of the Alps of Haute-Provence

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"Le Fougassais" a great moment of pleasure and relaxation

At Mallefougasse, in the foothills of the Montagne de Lure, a Bar- Restaurant bearing the sign "bistrots de pays" (French traditional pubs) carries on the long convivial and hearty tradition of hospitality of this country and its local cuisine. During summer months, Le Fougassais serves meals on its lovely terrace where you will enjoy dining under the beautiful and clear night sky of the Montagne de Lure. Le Fougassais offers an appropriate location for a "gourmet stop" in a quiet and friendly atmosphere you will remember for a long time.

Florent the chef, and his wife Sabine, will be happy to welcome you there in a modern environment where you will enjoy a fine décor and presentation as well as the smell and flavour of cooking over a wood fire.

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